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Best European Destination 2019


Best European Destination 2019


In 2018 a voting was held to choose the best European destination. There were 320,793 voters who voted for this poling.

Wroclaw won this competition. Let’s see what the list of 10 best places to visit in Europe.

1. Wroclaw, Poland

places to visit in europe

Wroclaw, Poland is awarded the title of European best destination in 2018 with 41,148 votes.

This beautiful city Wroclaw is also called Polish Venice because it is surrounded by more than 120 bridges that link 12 beautiful islands.

You will be seduced by the attraction of Wroclaw. Rynek (Market square) has two town halls, a flower market, salt market, the beautiful architecture of Centennial Hall, the botanical garden.

You can discover the city in an electric car or a boat.

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to meet its inhabitants, they are warm, loving and friendly.

The Wroclaw is on the top in the list of best places to visit in Europe.

2. Bilbao, Spain

places to visit in europe

With a total 39,845 votes, Bilbao has been voted second best European destination. The atmosphere of the city can be explained in words or pictures.

Bilbao is also linked with the river and the sea. The food is fine and the wines delicates.

Make the stay at Bilbao and discover its art museum and beautiful landscapes. Bilbao is surrounded by Balmaseda and Orduna. Also, don’t miss the Basque coast.

3. Colmar, France

places to visit in europe

With a total 32,185 votes, Colmar has seduced everyone. It is one of the best places to visit In Europe because of its beautiful, charming, and magical destinations in Europe. Colmar is best for all young and old.

Discover the best toy museum with works of 12th to the 16th century. And do you know the creator of the statue of liberty was born in Colmar?

Book a tour and enjoy the best in Colmar.

4. Hvar Island, Croatia

places to visit in europe

With a total of 30,023 votes, Hvar is the best place to visit in Europe. Hvar is the most beautiful island in Europe. Famous people, artists travelers, and the crowned head have voted for this place. The place has beautiful landscapes, crystal clear water, good food, and beautiful culture.

There is a lot of island in the country but Hvar is the best to discover. People who love clear waters will surely enjoy the tour of the blue cave. People who love nature will love lavender fields in the village of Brusje.

Book a tour and visit the beauties of Hvar.

5. Riga, Latvia

places to visit in europe

With a total 29,456 votes, Riga the capital of Latvia is on the 5th position in the best European destination. You will be amazed by the beauty of Riga. The city has always been a junction of different cultures.

Riga is also connected to forest, nature, and water. The city also has beaches, hills and beautiful island. Its architecture is also fabulous.

Riga is the heart of new trends so book a tour and discover this beautiful place.

6. Milan, Italy

places to visit in europe

With a total 27,129 votes, Milan is again in the ranking of best places to visit in Europe.

Milan has Duomo with a mind-blowing view of the whole city. You can do shopping in Vittorio and Emanuele II and its boutiques, have a picnic in many beautiful parks or visit Da Vinci’s Last Supper at the Santa Maria Church.

Go for a drink in the evening in the Navigli area in the evening and discover the beautiful canals, beautiful and affordable restaurants and evening at the famous La Scala Theater.

You will surely love the city architecture.

7. Athens, Greece

places to visit in europe

With a total 19,424 votes, Athens is also an unmissable destination like Milan. It attracts travelers from all around the world. The city is old and the frame of European philosophy.

Athens has both classical and modern culture. Travelers love its architecture. The district of Plaka, food, shops, and nightlife is also very attractive.

8. Budapest, Hungary

places to visit in europe

With a total 17,745 votes, Budapest is one of the best destinations in Europe. Budapest is best for young couples, longtime lovers, lovers of culture, history. Creators from all around the world, designer, musicians are inspired by the Budapest.

The city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has some famous monuments such as Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge, The Parliament, Margaret Island, The Spas of Budapest.

The endless list of shops, bars, parks, and churches.

Go and book your tour because in popular time it can get a lot busy.

9. Lisbon, Portugal

places to visit in europe

With 13,384 votes, Lisbon, Portugal is a unique destination. Today Portugal welcomes a bigger number of tourist than its inhabitants.

And this is just because the whole country is full of landscapes, beautiful cities, architecture, monuments, castles, palaces, and beaches.

Lisbon is the capital and welcomes a lot of tourists every year. It is the first city awarded “European Best Destination”. It will always be a gateway for those who love Portugal.

Lisbon is surrounded by jewels like Estoril, Sintra, and Cascais. And also with the natural park of Arrabida.

Book a flight and enjoy your dream holiday place.

10. Bohinj, Slovenia

places to visit in europe

Bohinj is on 10th position on the list of the best European destination. It attracts a lot of tourists every year.

The place is full of forest, nature, and lake. Outdoor activities in nature recharge your battery. Enjoy the quiet nature and ever-changing nature. You are above the clouds and sometimes they are above you.

Enjoy Savica Waterfall and the festival of wildflowers. Taste local foods and enjoy the beauty of Julian Alps.

Book a tour and enjoy the most beautiful places in Europe.

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