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Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World


Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World


10.Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai (Per Night $24,000)

Burj-Al-Arab is one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world. Its height is 321 meters(1,053 Feet). It is the 3rd largest hotel in the world. Burj-al-Arab stands on a man-made island and is connected to the mainland by the hotel own private bridge.

The finest and expensive materials used for interiors in Burj-al-Arab. Carpets and rugs from India and South Africa, wooden doors from Dubai, chandeliers from united kingdom, marble from Italy and Brazil. The hotel accommodates 2 royal suites, 2 presidential suites, 4 Club Suites, 18 panoramic suites, 28 two bedroom deluxe suites, 142 one bedroom deluxe suites and 200+ bedroom suites.

Per night hotel starts from $1000 up to $15000 for suites.

For Royal Suite per night, $24,000 is charged.

9.The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo (Per Night $25,000)

The Ritz-Carlton is located in Tokyo, Japan. It is a Five-Star hotel with a lot of modern luxury which guest can enjoy. Ritz-Carlton with massive 3,300 square feet suites, it is a 53 stories building.

Guest can enjoy the spectacular view of the city from there rooms. The bedroom is luxurious and marble is used in bathrooms floors. The hotel has acclaimed dining, theater, and museum.

Per night stay in Ritz-Carlton is $25,000.

8.Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris (Per Night $26,000)

Hotel Plaza Athénée is located near the Eiffel tower in Paris. The hotel luxurious royal suite underwent in 2012 for an upgrade. The extraordinary 4,800 square-feet suites consist of four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms an office and a full kitchen.

There is a blend of classical and modern style in the interior. Marble is used in the bathroom from Verona. One bathroom consists of a full Jacuzzi and a steam room.

The classical and more modern feel the antique furniture is from the era of Louis the 15th.

Per night stay in this hotel can cost you $26,000.

7.The Westin Excelsior, Rome (Per Night $30,000)

Rome has a history of more than 2000 years. The city has a lot of hotel and restaurants but the most expensive is The Westin Excelsior. It is one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world.

Some of its rooms are very expensive called Villa la cupola. It consists of 5 floors with totaling of 6,100 square feet, with extra 1,800 square feet of balconies and terraces.

The suit has a total of 7 bedrooms. Marble, Italian walnut and hand-painted frescoes. The suit has it own private elevator with a private gym and also a private theater.

Per night here can cost you here $30,000.

top 10 most expensive hotels in the world

6.Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas (Per Night $35,000)

Sky villa suite at the Palms casino resort is located 30 stories above the ground with a 9,000 square feet.

It has private butlers for the guests. All the expected luxurious amenities that can you can imagine.  The master bedroom has its own glass elevator.

The bedroom has a 360-degree panoramic view of the city with its own private gym. And for the showstopper, it has its own private heated swimming pool 2 stories above the ground.

Per night can cost you $35,000.

top 10 most expensive hotels in the world

5.Hotel Martinez, Cannes (Per Night $37,500)

France is again on our list, just because of its most luxurious hotels in the world. The hotel Martinez acquired by Hyatt in 2012.

It’s penthouse suite is 3,200 square feet loaded with luxury located in 7th floor. Its private terrace 2,900 square feet.

Incredibly spacious bathrooms with marble. Bedrooms have a wide-based sound system for guest to enjoy music.

Private butlers cater for anything you want.

Per night can cost $37,500.

top 10 most expensive hotels in the world

4.Raj Hotel, India (Per Night $45,000)

Every suite in this hotel is a grand luxury, but the suit on top is a presidential suite or also known as Maharaja pavilion. The four-story is on 16,000 square feet with its own private elevator.

The 1st floor has a private bar. The 2nd floor has its own museum decorated with gold. The third floor has a lavish dining area. The 4th has a private rooftop with an amazing view.

The hotel has a spa just for the guests.

The bathroom fixtures have a work of gold silver and ivory.

Per night here can cost you $45,000.

top 10 most expensive hotel in the world

3.The Four-Season, New York (Per Night $50,000)

The Four-season hotel has many suits starting from $1,200. But TY Warner penthouse is located on the 52nd floor is now the most expensive hotel suite in the United States.

4,300 square feet suite has a work of gold in 25-foot cathedral ceilings. The suite amenities are insane.

In addition, the suite has its own private butler, private trainer, and private chauffeur.

It features unlimited global calling and a tv featuring almost every channel on earth.

Walls inlaid with mother of pearl gilded bronze chandeliers.

Per night here can cost you $50,000.

top 10 most expensive hotel in the world

2.Royal Villa Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens ($50,000)

Royal villa grand resort lagonissi is beach front five-star hotel. It is 4,400 square feet suite. Marble bathrooms private massage area, private butler, private parking, heated floors and a grand piano with a pianist. Two heated private pools, one indoor and one outdoor.

It has a beautiful 7,000 square feet private garden.

Per night here can cost $50,000.

top 10 most expensive hotel in the world

1.Hotel President Wilson, Geneva ($80,000)

The royal penthouse suite at the hotel president Geneva has recently recognized as the most expensive in the world. Located on the 8th and the top floor of the hotel. It is 18,000 square feet suite.

The hotel consists of multiple bedrooms, living rooms and a dining room for 26 people. It has its own private board room with a 1,700 square feet terrace with a telescope.

It also has a private media center and a billiards room.

Per night here can cost you $80,000.

top 10 most expensive hotel in the world

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