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Plants From Mauritius Could Treat Cancer


Plants From Mauritius Could Treat Cancer

A research show medicinal herbs found in Mauritius could cure cancer because of some chemical compounds. The chemicals stop the breeding of cancer cells.

To the present day, science has discovered a lot of treatments to cure cancer. But still, there is a long way to go.

Some top-level researchers trying there best to investigate and innovate new treatments for cancer treatment.

One of these groups have scientists from united kingdom, Mauritius and from Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Russia.

They have been testing herbs from Mauritius to cure cancer.

Mauritius is one of the islands in the Indian ocean with a lot of plants and animals. According to researchers some of these plants can help in curing esophageal cancer. The specific cause for this cancer is unknown but the irritation of the esophagus may lead to cancer.

Cause that irritates the cells are smoking, obesity and alcohol.

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research(AICR), esophageal cancer is 7th most common cancer in men and the 13th in women.

Studying medical plants from Mauritius.

Researchers and scientist gathered up to extract plants like Acalypha integrifolia, Eugenia tinifolia, and Labourdonnaisia glauca that only grow in Mauritius.

They found that some of these plants have antitumor properties in their chemical. They published their research in journal Acta Naturae.

These plants contain some kind of chemical that cures cancer cells by activating the 5’AMP-activated kinase.

The pathway plays a very important role in maintaining energy under metabolic stress.

Alexander Kagansky said,” till the date, only 15% of plants from the island have been examined for their properties, which is still better than a lot of countries.”

Adenocarcinoma and esophageal cancer is the 6th death cause in the world.

Future medicine in plants.

For centuries a lot of people around the world, treating cancer by using herb species. Many researchers believe that modern medicine should focus on finding new treatments from natural resources.

Scientist passion saw him become a co-organizer of Bio2Bio, which tries to protect the plants and nature internationally to protect biological chemicals.

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