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Samsung Galaxy Fold Delayed After Breaking


Samsung Galaxy Fold Delayed After Breaking.


“In simple words, there is no device like Samsung Galaxy Fold,” said Samsung, revealing its Galaxy Fold early 2019. But Samsung galaxy fold delayed after breaking. World’s largest phone maker had in mind the publicity of the phone. But before its release, the phone seems to break down easily.

Phone access was given to a lot of people and reported breaking the phone screen after one day use. Some of the users peeled off the layer appeared to be a screen protector, but it was an integral part of the device.

samsung galaxy fold delayed after breaking

The device opens as a tablet device and closed to use as a phone. But after the phone breaks down before release, Samsung has delayed the new release date. And has not set a new release date.

Samsung says the problems could be related to the edge of the device and will take further steps to strengthen the device screen.

samsung galaxy fold delayed after breaking

This has given a little boost up to Huawei and Xiaomi foldable phones.

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