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Top 10 Creepy Gifts Given To Celebrities


Top 10 creepy gifts given to celebrities.


Being a celebrity is more than glitz and glam. But in some cases, this life becomes a struggle. Though some of the fans have only simple interest in their favorite celebrities, some of the fans go mad in the love of celebrities and some become a threat to them.

Following are the Top 10 creepy gifts given to celebrities by their fans.

10. Dead Rabbit.

Avril Lavigne is a Canadian songwriter, singer and actress.by the age of 16 she signed 2 albums worth $2million. In an interview, Avril was asked to give a name od one strange gift she received ever.

For some celebrities in clothing bras, shirts, sometime underwears are given but for a singer, these are not gifts. Instead in a tour to promote an album and was gifted with a dead rabbit. There was no written note with the dead rabbit so she did not understand the intention of the fans. But it is been said that a rabbit could be good luck.

9. Preserved Baby Shark

In the list of top 10 creepy gifts given to celebrities Jonas brother (Kevin, Joe, Nick) are next to receive a creepy gift. Jonas brothers are getting famous due to their musical talent and Disney deals. Their fans include teenage girls, adult men, and women. They send them a gift, some of them are acceptable and some are not.

Jonas Brothers have had to deal a lot of their fans and their horrific gifts one of them was a preserved baby shark. This was sent by with no explanation. There was just a note saying “here is a dead shark”. The brothers did not know what to do with the fish. But the question remains that “why?”.

8. Sperms

The option of making a family depends on the decision of two persons. But this does not mean to send sperms in a mailbox to your favorite celebrity. As it happened to actress Tricia Helfer when one of her fans send her a syringe filled with sperms.

This happened when she opened her fan mail to look. She did not know until she opened envelop. There was a picture of a man, woman and a child indicating that a fan wanted to start a family with him.

Fearfully she told about to his friend from the studio and they contacted to police. The detectives were able to catch that fan. But Tricia did not reveal what happened to him.

7. Breast Implants

Body parts falling off is a horrific aspect of zombies. Norma Reedus from the walking dead received a creepy gift from one of his fans. In the movie, it can be seen fake body parts were thrown at him in a battle, but he also had to deal with this in real life when fans started to send him fake body parts.

In an interview, he told he received a breast implant from one of his fans. Although he found this hilarious and decided to put it on display.

In 2015 he again received another breast implant but this time he decided not to keep it and throw this one as Steve Yeun.

Also, he received squirrel meat.

6.Cake With Human Hair

In the list of Top 10 creepy gifts given to celebrities, Ed Sheeran incident is on position 6th.

Ed Sheeran a well-known artist for his songs, he is a singer and a songwriter. His fans love me a lot and know he loves cake.

One time he accepted a baked cake from one of his fans seems to be a delicious treat from a fan. But when he bit into the cake there was an unexpected filling, clumps of woman’s own hair.

He believed that she only wanted to be inside of him. After that incident, he becomes more reserve in accepting baked gifts.


Kesha, know for his music and a big crowd to listen to her has done a lot of things that are considered creepy.

While in rehab recovering from an eating disorder, she asked her fans to send her real teeth and she will make something out of them.

As a result, she received almost 1,000 real teeth from her fans. Sticking to her words she made a bra, earrings, and a necklace from the teeth she received.

4. A letter With Menstrual Blood

Letters are very common in celebrities life, they receive a lot of letters from their fans only daily basis.

But some of them are creepy, as one of the creepy letters received to Taecyeon, a member of South Korean band 2PM. The letter was creepy because one of her fans wrote it with her menstrual blood along with her pubic hair.

Many of his fans claimed that the letter was fake. Until the writer came forward. She also claimed that she was not a fan of his band but only she wanted attention.

3. Human skin

It may sound like a scene of a horror movie, but Zac Efron received a creepy gift from one of her fans. Zac Efron has a huge fan following. He receives a lot of letters enclosed with love from his fans.

However, one of her fans took this love too far by sending him a piece of her own skin in the mail. When Zac opened the mail he was shocked by seeing a piece of human skin.

He immediately got rid of the skin. He sometimes laughs at the story because he does not know how to react to this kind of gift.

Do you think it is creepy? let us know in the comment box.

2. Human Ear

Jared Leto, a well know the artist for his acting into the character of The Joker from movie Suicide Squad.

Because of his role, his fans sent him the same weird gifts. In a 2013 interview, he stated that while opening up the gifts he found a detached human ear in one of the gifts with a note saying,” are you listening”.

There was no further explanation of why the fan sent him an ear.

1. Baby

Dolly Parton’s is known for her big hair and big attitude, she is a singer and a songwriter. Dolly has a huge fan following in the country and left an incredible mark on music.

In the 1970s she had “Jolene” an no 1 on the country music. One day she found a baby girl lying in a box at her doorstep. There was a note saying her name was Jolene and she wanted dolly to have her. Worried for the baby dolly called help from the department of health and human science.

After that, she does not know what happened to the baby.

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