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10 Top European City Afordable to Visit




1. Prague: A weekend spent respecting the dynamite riverside sees in Prague won’t cost you a fortune – the UK Post Office gauges it’ll be simply £190.19 ($246.71). Navigate the exhibition for nine additional urban communities that will cost you even less on an end of the week break:

03 moscow attractions - St Basil's Cathedral

2. Moscow, Russia: Seeing the incredible St Basil’s Cathedral in the flesh on a weekend break in Moscow will set you back just £186.87 ($243.39)


 3. Bratislava, Slovakia: The capital of Slovakia is known for its Christmas markets, charm and beautiful surrounding countryside. Visting Bratislavia for the weekend will cost you £182.02 ($237.07)
4. Riga, Latvia: At number 7 on the Post Office’s list is Riga, Latvia, a cultural capital with plenty to see and do. A weekend here will cost £178.60 ($232.62).
Porto Douro
5. Porto, Portugal: Red-rooved buildings built into the hilly riverside make Porto one of Europe’s most picturesque locations. Spending the weekend here will cost £172.60 ($224.80)
Bucharest George Enescu Museum
6. Bucharest, Romania: Romania’s capital has some fantastic design, for example, the George Enescu Museum, imagined. Going through the end of the week here will cost a thrifty £167.74 ($218.47)
7. Istanbul, Turkey: Incredible nourishment and delightful structures anticipate you in Istanbul. The Post Office says going through an end of the week here will cost you £166.83 ($217.29)
Warsaw 3

8. Warsaw, Poland: Eastern Europe’s known for being less expensive, and in Warsaw you can get value for your money. A weekend here expenses £166.83 ($217.29)
9. Belgrade, Serbia: At number 2 on the rundown is Serbia’s capital. Here a container of the nearby lager will cost you just £1.89 ($2.46). Generally speaking, you’ll spend generally £151.57 ($197.41)

10. Vilinus, Lithuania: Taking the best spot is Vilinus, Lithuania – known for its medieval old town and differed history. The all out expense of an end of the week break here, the Post Office reports, is £147.35 ($191.85).Lithuania’s capital is additionally known for its pleasant medieval old town, florid engineering, hip road workmanship and shifted history.

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