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Top Places To Visit In Abu-Dhabi


Top places to visit in Abu-Dhabi


1.Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

In top places to visit in Abu-Dhabi, to unite everyone from different cultures within islamic world modern and historical values of art and architecture. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu-Dhabi is open as a monument for all faiths of people. A place to devout Muslims worships.

The Grand Mosque welcomes 40,000 worshippers at the day of Eid-ul-Fitr to from Eid Prayer.

One of the biggest mosques in the world, the mosque interior features marble mosaic, with floral carpet which is the world’s largest prayer rug.

Travelers are allowed to visit afternoon to take a look in the mosque’s bright white light marble and its flower patterns.

top places to visit in abu dhabi

2.Sheikh Zayed Bridge

With the ultra-modern wave of steel arches, The Sheik Zayed bridge is a statement to all who pass.

It offers a view of Abu Dhabi’s main island and defines the city’s dynamic.

Designed by Iraqi born, Late Zaha Hadid and the first ever woman to ear the Pritzker prize. Arc construction is one of the most complex bridges in the world.

Driving across the bridge is an incredible experience, with the fantastic multi-colored lights across the structure.

top places to visit in abu dhabi

3.Capital Gate

As compared to Abu Dhabi’s Capital gate Pisa has nothing on. Capital Gate has a Guinness World Record of “world’s farthest leaning man-made tower”.

With an 18 ° degree twisting tilt which 4 ° degree more than Pisa tower. The building is 35 stories high and seems to be bending because of desert winds.

A lavish meal is served on Fridays, with free champagne and a lot of food station to choose from.

There is a pool on the 19th floor with an outstanding view of the city.

top places to visit in abu dhabi

4.Etihad Tower

One of the most significant architectures of Abu Dhabi’s is seaside Etihad Towers. With its intense, curved exterior, it is worth watching at night.

It is located at the western seaside. Etihad towers have five high buildings for residential and commercial use, and a mall with top brands like Versace, Rolex, Hermes, and Cartier.

On the 62nd floor, there is a home of Ray’s bar with lavish marble and glass lounge offering a 360° degree view of the city, with some of the best cocktails in town.

top places to visit in abu dhabi

5.Emirates Palace

With a dome on its top is largest in the world. Interior covered with 86,000 square feet covered with 22-carat gold leaf, lavish gardens, a marina, and suites exclusively for sheiks.

Construction costing $3 Billion, This palace is one of the most expensive hotels ever built in the world.

An overnight stay in a 3 bedroom suite can cost up to $15,000 per night.

The hotel Bar-B-Que Al Qasr offers a taste of the life of a sultan. They offer camel burgers and grilled Arabic steak.

top places to visit in abu dhabi

6.Louvre Abu-Dhabi

A place to a broad collection providing points of western and eastern culture, Louvre Abu-Dhabi is the most noteworthy addition to Arab art.

A masterpiece structure by Jean Nouvel, Pritzker Prize-winning French architect. The museum designed like a floating dome.

Web-patterned steel rooftop tempers the sun’s power, creating the rain of light. Effect of walking under the umbrella of Palm Trees.

top places to visit in abu dhabi

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