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What I can take on a flight?


What I can take on a flight?


The airport security rules regarding passengers luggage have been in force for many years thousands of gels sprays and liquids are seized each day.

A lot of people ask before traveling, “ what I can take on a flight?”. So today we will try our best to answers some of the common questions asked about traveling via air.

Q: How many hand luggage can I take?

One item restriction was cast off at certain airports on January 7 2009. But some airlines like EasyJet still apply one bag rule diligently and may even refuse your handbag for boarding.

Ryanair allows its passengers to take one small handbag which can fit under the seat in front of you.

But before traveling know all the rule of the airline which you are going to use.

Many people ask what is the packing for first-time flyers?

Q: Can I take a drink through security?

In simple words, NO.

Q: Can I carry a water bottle through security?

No, you can not carry a water bottle. No beverages, no coffee or hot drinks. Our advice is to finish your drink before. Packing for the first time flyers is very difficult.

Q: What liquids you can take?

You can take some liquids like perfumes in different containers but not more than 100ml in the container itself. The limit is 1 liter so you can take 10 of them in 100ml size container.

These containers should be carried in a transparent plastic bag like a freezer bag.

Q: Is mascara a liquid?

In the topic of what I can take on a flight? Women get confused about there makeup. Yes, mascara and foundation like item are considered as liquids. It means lotions, oils, liquid, creams, perfumes, toothpaste including hair shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hair gel are considered as a liquid.

So be careful in packing your luggage.

Q: Can we take medicines?

Yes, you can take medicines, but they should not exceed more than 100ml. So carry the doctor’s note with you.

Q: Can I take baby food?

Yes, you can take baby food with you whether it is liquid or solid. If it is liquid you may be asked to taste it. Individual containers can only have 2,000ml of breast milk. You can also take frozen breast milk.

Q: What about nail cutter and tweezer?

No, you can not take these in a handbag but you can take them into your checked-in luggage.

Q: Can I take hair straightener through security?

Yes, you can.

Q: Can I take my phone and iPod through security?

Yes, you can take them but once you will be asked to take them out from your jacket or bag and place it in a separate container.

Q: Can I take a camera in my hand luggage?

Yes, you can take a camera.

Things not allowed in hand luggage but allowed in check-in luggage.

  1. Toy guns
  2. Razor blades
  3. Scissors(both round tips and blades)
  4. Liquids

Items not allowed in hand luggage or check-in luggage.

  1. Fireworks, ammunition, flares, etc.
  2. Gases like propane or compresses gas cylinder etc
  3. Flammable things like lighter fluid, fire lighter, petrol, magnesium, etc.
  4. Bleaches, car body repair kits, etc.
  5. Toxic things like weed killer, infected blood samples, etc.
  6. Corrosives things like dry ice, magnetized material, mercury.


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